Work and recruitment event at the Kumpula Science Campus on 22th of November

“Definitely a high-class student event!”

“Good conversations, lots of people, nice contacts and overall good arrangements. The after party was great."


Welcome to
Kumpula's Potential 2018!

Kumpula's Potential is a work and recruitment oriented event organized by the students of the Faculty of Science of the University of Helsinki. The event created and arranged for the first time last year on 2017. The event was a great success among the students and the visiting companies.

Over 95% of the companies that visited the event and answered to the feedback evaluated the prize of the event match the outcome, and fourth of the companies thought the outcome was excellent compared to the prize.

You chance to get your company attend Kumpula's Potential 2018 is soon here.


Every company that attends the event will get:

We are also offering four bigger stands next to the entrances. These stands cost 2000€ and they are sold by the order of sign ups.

During the event every company has a chance to reach out to bigger audiene by having a Workshop or a KeyNote. Having one doesn't bring extra costs to the company, but since the amount of them in general has been reduced, there is not enough for every company. Kumpula's Potential will choose the Workshops and KeyNotes by the topics and the content. Companies inform their intrest on having them on the sign up form.


To sign up to the event copmanies have to fill out a form that will be published here on the beginning of May. On the form we collect the contact information of the company and the intrests on having a Workshop or a KeyNote. After the the sing up closes we will contact to companies that filled out the form. The final decision of your company's attendance at Kumpula's Potential 2018 will be made after this, so filling up the form doesn't obligate your company to participate.

Sign up is open untill 18th of May 2018!


You can reach us at